SARAY SSI-128 Heat-Insulated Hebeschiebe
December 19, 2018
SARAY S-55 Uninsulated Door and Window System
December 19, 2018

SARAY EW-55 Insulated Door and Window System

It is a 3-chamber door and window system designed in accordance with EW-55, i.e. new EN (Euro Norm) norms. The principle of pressure-equalization is the prominent feature of the system at the case-blade junction. According to this principle, the acousti-gasket is not used at the outermost and water discharge is facilitated by equalizing the pressure of the external chamber and the atmospheric air environment. Heat insulation and impermeability are maximized thanks to the custom-engineered gasket with the feature of “double-touch” at the middle point.
1.87 W/m2K (Window Heat Conduction Performance) Acoustic Performance: Rw (C, Ctr) (-1; -3) dB (Depending on wall thickness.) Water Permeability: Class ≥ 9A (EN 12208) Air Permeability: Class 4 (EN 12207) Resistance to Wind Load C2-C5 (EN 12210) System Depth (Blade): 55 mm – 64 mm Heat Insulation Barrier Dimension: 20 mm – 14.8 mm Applicable Glass Thickness: 4 mm – 32 mm Moreover, the blade profile, which is designed for PVC window mechanisms (biaxial, pull & slide, folding system) that is economical and easy to use, is included in the system. It is an ideal heat-insulated solution especially for entrance doors in the buildings. The key features are the easier application of the mechanisms such as door lock striker, slide and hinge, and the same-face-acousti-design. It has threshold solutions, the feature of inward-outward opening and the compliance with the registry and case of the window system, which makes the system more functional. Considering different customer services, the system is aesthetically enriched with flat, oval and hidden blade designs.


Uf: 2.71 W/m2K (System Heat Conduction Performance)


System Depth (Case):  55mm




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