saray b1
December 19, 2018
saray aluboard
SARAY Aluboard
December 19, 2018
saray aluface

SARAY Aluface

0.4 mm aluminium + 3.2 mm polyethylene core + 0.4 mm aluminium

SARAY ALUFACE 4 MM Thickness Alloy Paint
Upper Surface Aluminium 0.40 mm 3003 H16 PVDF Painted
Core 3.20 mm Polyethylene Core
Lower Surface Aluminium 0.40 mm 3003 H16 Epoxy Polyester Paint
Total Weight: 5.35 kg/m2


Note: Depending on the order, the thickness of the core can be changed to produce a total thickness of 3 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm.

Saray, the first manufacturer of the fireproof B1 Grade aluminium composite panels developed with Fr technology that provides the fire resistance of the curtain walls, draws attention with its feature that Aluface/Fr composite panels are more rigid than the products in the market. Aluface/Fr offers the customer a high security alternative against the fire as well as practicability, economics and modern design.

It has been tested and approved to have B1 Grade hard-to-burn material features according to DIN 4102 test standards in Chemistry Department of METU Engineering Faculty and German MPA DRESDE Laboratories. Aluface/Fr offers fire resistant as well as reliable aluminum profile options to architects and other applicators with a wide range of color and size alternatives.

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