saray a2 mineral dolgulu
SARAY A2 Grade Mineral Core (Fireproof)
December 19, 2018
saray b1
December 19, 2018
saray a2 emboss edilmiş alüminyum dolgulu

SARAY A2 Embossed Aluminum-Filled (Fireproof)

0.4 mm PVDF / Anti-graffiti PVDF-painted A2 Grade fireproof composite panel + 0.4 mm A2 Grade fireproof composite panel

SARAY A2 Thickness Alloy Paint
Upper Surface Aluminium 0.80 mm 3003 H16 PVDF Painted
Core 2.70 mm 0.40 mm Aluminium Pitched Core
Lower Surface Aluminium 0.40 mm 3003 H16 Epoxy Polyester Paint
Total Weight: 4.90 kg/m2


“SARAY A2” composite panels: The outer surface is 0.80 mm, PVDF-painted aluminium sheet; the core intermediate fill wall thickness is 4 mm in total, including 0.40 mm embossed aluminium sheet and 0.50 mm ready-primed aluminium sheet in the inner surface. The weight is 4.80 kg/m2. Extremely rigid; superior to their counterparts. The inner core is completely filled with aluminum. It is mandatory for all buildings over 21.5 m in height and provides high fire insulation.

MPA DRESDEN CERTIFICATE SARAY A2 has A2 Grade fire resistance; there is no dangerous gas release during the fire. It does not harm the environment during use. Eco-friendly.

It has a lightweight, flexible, rigid and very perfect surface. As well as superior surface and rigid production quality, low-cost infrastructure can be used.
Easy to process, cut and bend.
It has a wide range of colors. The desired color can be produced for orders over 1500 m2.
Application areas: Multi-storey buildings, skyscrapers, industrial buildings, public buildings, tunnels, airports, hospitals, shopping centers, stadiums, train and metro stations, hotels and all buildings where fire insulation is important.



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