Aluminium Shutter System
December 19, 2018
30×30 Corner ALK8
December 19, 2018

Parallel Sliding Shading Systems

The Parallel Sliding Shutter, hence the name, slides and moves in parallel with the facade. It can be also used as fixed, if desired.

Thanks to the bearings passed into its upper special case, its blades are slid and moved from the top. There are more than one rail alternative at the bottom.

The number of the upper and lower rails is increased and more than one blade is superimposed so that they can work in parallel with each other.

Four different forms can be applied for the shutter profiles of the parallel sliding shutter system: boxed-, almond-, wrought iron- and fabric-formed.

Profiles can be dyed as RAL-painted or wood-effect and the desired visual appearance is achieved. There are also many fabric color alternatives in the fabric model.

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