Sliding & Folding Glass System
December 19, 2018
Aluminium Shutter System
December 19, 2018

Folding Glass System

When your window is closed, it gives an excellent view to your home from the outside. You can also enjoy this panoramic view, which adds an impressive beauty.



Profile System

  • Framed, sliding and turnable
  • Lower threshold ventilation system choice
  • The blades can be folded inward and outward
  • The blades can be folded to the right, left or both sides, if desired
  • Gap elimination between the windows by means of aluminium rovings
  • Correcting ground-based errors with the adjustment profile


  • They are adjusted so that all the accessories are not fully visible within the profiles
  • Low-maintenance and complete stainless, safe accessories
  • Internal locking and unlocking choice
  • Locking/Unlocking option with rotatable lock
  • Fixing the blade with blade holder apparatus with two different models and three different colors
  • 3 different color options such as black, white and gray


  • The blades are equipped with wheels, which move horizontally with 4 wheels each and do not require maintenance.
  • The polyamide-coated high quality bearings are used in the motion system.
  • Stainless steel components are used in bearings.
  • Low-noise, low-wear and hot-cold resistant blade profiles
  • Installation at 90-degree angle

Impermeability and Ventilation
  • 3-5 mm gap between the blades
  • Optional gap elimination between the blades with PVC roving
  • Equipped with inner and outer brush seals on the lower and top profiles
  • The seals used on the top and bottom are mounted and fixed to the blade profiles, but not to the blades
  • Option to use a custom-designed ventilation apparatus with a fork guide


  • 8 and 10 mm thick, safe and tempered glass partitions
  • The glass partitions are fixed securely on top and bottom of the blade profiles by hidden screws and special adhesive
  • Easy replacement of glass partitions

Water Discharge System 

  • Easy drainage from inclined surface without pressure
  • Water discharge profile that can be mounted to the lower profile

Color Choice

  • 4 different color options including anodized, white, wood pattern and pres
  • Optional to paint it in all RAL colors
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