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December 19, 2018
Aluminium Siding – Cotta
December 19, 2018


Dogalwood occurs when the natural wood covered on Aluminum Composite Panel or Profile.

The aim is to obtain the natural appearance, texture and sense of the wood and to prevent but not to use 100% wood and also to prevent its disadvantages such as swelling, malformation, cracking, deformation by time.

Also, there is much less waste of wood compared to the use of 100% wood.

However, aluminum (100% recyclable) material is used in the facade to provide ease of manufacture, economy, durability, strength, rigidity and smoothness. The used wood is only five thousandth of the weight of aluminium.

Dogalwood is the newest product produced in the building sector with a new technology.

Dogalwood, which has perfectly attractive look and makes you feel the warmth of the wood, is a unique product obtained by laminating the natural wood from the bark on aluminium with special techniques and then applying the protective layer to the surface.

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