Opening System
October 22, 2021
November 8, 2021

Opening System

A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural,
but merely keep the weather out and the occupants in. As the curtain wall is non-structural it can be made of a
lightweight material. When glass is used as the curtain wall, a great advantage is that natural light can
penetrate deeper within the building.

Tecnhical Specifications
Sash width : 72 mm
Frame width : 65 mm
Frame sash length (min.) : 90 mm
Glass thickness : 16 – 42 mm
Max. sash travel capacity : 120 kg – 200 kg
Isolation bridge : 24 mm
Thermal insulation EN ISO 10077 – 2 : Uf = 2.3 W / m2K

Characteristics that reflect the identity of the product
• Optimum solutions with wide profile options
• Ability to apply PVC double opening system with standard aluminium double opening system
• Excellent sealing and sound insulation as a result of a combination of casing middle seals and
radiant heat insulation barrier
• Specially designed adjustable locking counterparts
• Possibility of better thermal insulation values with different combinations
• Possibility of applying triple glazing and blind glass
• Modern and aesthetic appearance of metal with silver bronze colored anodized surfaces
• Unique concepts and designs utilizing powder coating and wood effects

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