A success story that reaches from 1978 to today; from AS-EL Shutters to AS-EL Aluminum Architectural Systems Inc. A beacon in its own industry that shows the way to the others in the light of the experience gathered throughout decades. In consequence of the sales adventure that started in 1983, the indescribable happiness and pride of pulling up the shutters, together with our customers, of approximately 2000 workshops...

AS-EL ALUMINUM ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS INC. is a brand that renews itself everyday in line with the emerging needs and that understands the problems the companies it works with face because it comes from the same origin with them: the workshop..

The establishment of the idea that one may not find a product in the Industry if they cannot find it from AS-EL is the most concrete example of the trust its solution partners have for AS-EL ALUMINUM ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS INC.

For years, AS-EL simplifies its clients' work by means of the cost analysis it provides concerning curtain wall systems, heat-isolated aluminum joinery systems, sunshade profiles and composite panels. From the framework of architectural projects, AS-EL ALUMINUM ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS INC. lets Izmir take a fresh breath by working on system houses that provide "custom design" services and solutions. By these means AS-EL sets forth solution-oriented and economic results in order to making its clients happy and satisfied.

Always being a step ahead with the sales and after-sales technical follow-up consultancy services provided by experienced, friendly and expert personnel. Working as an innovation and idea factory, AS-EL ALUMINUM ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS INC. focuses solely on its own area of expertise. By creating sustainable added values for each and every life it touches, AS-EL makes architectural dreams come true...


We lay strong foundations with an understanding that puts 'respect' to the essence of life. We pay our respect to life itself, with the excitement of owning the heritage knowing the value of the past and the traditional; holding onto life by believing in the sanctity of the family, the soil and the living; establishing a reputation by sharing the power of human feelings such as love, virtue, trust and honesty; and creating the pride of yesterday, today and tomorrow by melting down information, experience, technology and self-sacrifice together with all these values!


With an environmentally-conscious understanding that is open to innovation and advances in a robust and consistent way, our vision is to be able to provide cost-efficient products without compromising our customer-orientation and quality and to become the very first brand that comes into mind when customers' needs emerges...


Our mission is to provide competitive products also in terms of service quality to our clients, to prepare our products in a reliable and always preferable way that would meet our clients' expectations and to be efficient, fast and always accessible in terms of before- and after-sales services.

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