alüminyum siding cotta
Aluminium Siding – Cotta
December 19, 2018
saray a2 emboss edilmiş alüminyum dolgulu
SARAY A2 Embossed Aluminum-Filled (Fireproof)
December 19, 2018
saray a2 mineral dolgulu

SARAY A2 Grade Mineral Core (Fireproof)

0.5 mm PVDF / Anti-graffiti PVDF-painted sheet +3 mm A2 Grade fireproof mineral core + 0.5 mm epoxy polyester-painted sheet

SARAY A2 Mineral Core Thickness Alloy Paint
Upper Surface Aluminium 0.50 mm 3005/3003 H16 PVDF Painted
Core 3mm Mineral Core
Lower Surface Aluminium 0.50 mm 3005/3003 H16 Epoxy Polyester Paint
Total Weight: 9.50 kg/m2


We, as Saray Group, are happy and proud to have started to produce the first and only A2 Grade Fireproof Mineral Core Aluminium Composite Panel in Turkey as a result of our years of R&D activities. We are now able to produce this high-tech product, which could not be produced in our country and is only available in one company in Germany, America and Japan, in our own facilities and with our own technology.

A2 Grade Aluminium Composite Panels are used for coating curtain walls and features a fireproof material that provides the best performance against fire. Fires, which have occurred in the various parts of the world and in different buildings, have made it mandatory to use fireproof materials in the buildings. Even the smallest sparks can turn a structure into a fire that is difficult to extinguish in a short time. According to the regulation on “Fire Protection for Buildings” published in the official newspaper numbered 27344 with the decision of the relevant Council of Ministers numbered 2009/15319 and dated 10/08/2009, the use of the A Grade fireproof material is mandatory for the buildings over 21.5 m.

A4 Grade Mineral Core Panels are 4 mm thick in total, which occurs when the aluminium parts of 0.5 mm in thickness are laminated on top and bottom of the fireproof mineral-based core material of 3 mm in thickness with the help of glue. When the upper aluminium is painted with PVDF technique, it provides resistance to ambient air conditions. The panels produced with PVDF paint technology are guaranteed for 20 years. The high technology and challenging part of this product is to produce the mineral core consisting of 95% organic materials continuously and at the same-thickness.

One of our most important goals as Saray Group is also to develop continuously new and innovative products, thus getting ahead the imported products and contributing to Turkey’s economy. Thanks to the domestic production we will do and in the absence of import, we can provide foreign exchange savings in our country close to 80 million dollars every year. Saray A2 Grade Aluminium Composite Panel fireproof and quality tests have been tested and certified by both domestic and international laboratories.

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