F Profile AFP8
December 19, 2018
Heat-Insulated Hebeschiebe
December 19, 2018

KLEIDCO ST 91 Sliding Windows & Doors with Thermal Insulation

It is a system that includes 4 different options. They are 45 degree sliding window and door with lath and insulation, 90 degree sliding window and door with package insulation and 90 degree uninsulated sliding window and door.

Recently, the packet system is a preferred system by architects for more vision. The feature of the system is that it provides completely opening as its blade profiles hide inside the wall.

It has a case depth of 91 mm and offers different alternatives. Its blade depth is 36 mm.

The most important feature of the system is the use of only 20 mm profile at clamp point of junction. Its another feature is to become striped in both the case and the base profiles, which design is highlighted.


Depth: Case 91 mm, Blade 36 mm
Glass Thickness: 4 – 24 mm
Rail: Polyamide Rail
Blade Weight: Up to 180 kg.