F Profile AFP7
December 19, 2018
KLEIDCO FP 80 Panel Curtain Wall System
December 19, 2018

KLEIDCO FS 50 S Silicone Curtain Wall System

It is a heat-insulated curtain wall system. It is designed for the projects which only the glass image is desired. With the clips-in-glass system used on the 4 sides, the glass-to-glass joint is provided between the modules. The system is very easy to produce and install.

It has a high-insulated sliding blade and matched case. The outer seals of the system are silicone and those of the sliding blade are EPDM-based.


Tympan width: 50 mm
Depth: Low Profile mm, Horizontal Profile
Glass Thickness: 6-52 mm
Bonding ETAG 002 : Up to -40 °C


Air Permeability EN 12152: AE
Water Tightness EN 12154: RE 1500
Heat Conduction: Uf = 1,9 W/ (m2K)
ETAG 002 Certificate: Available

Tested and certified by the internationally recognized FTI Institute.