KLEIDCO ST 91 Sliding Windows & Doors with Thermal Insulation
December 19, 2018
ST160 Sliding Windows & Doors
December 19, 2018

Heat-Insulated Hebeschiebe

It is a high heat-insulated sliding window and door system that provides comfortable use in large openings with its case depth of 110 mm and blade depth of 43 mm. The system has a high air- and water-tightness performance in the use of lift and slide. Its profile wall thickness ranges from 1.8 m to 2.0 mm and allows the use of glass up to 32 mm.

The system offers various opening alternatives such as one fixed sliding or one double-blade sliding.

Lift-and-Slide System is designed with more vision and less profile views upon request. The total width of the middle profile is only 90 mm.

Up to 200 kg blade weight can be used in one blade.


Depth: Case 110 mm, Blade 43 mm
Blade Width: 90 mm
Glass Thickness: 20-32 mm
Rail: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 200 kg / blade


Air Permeability EN 12207: Class 4
Water-Tightness EN 12208: 8A
Resistance to Wind Load EN 12210: A4
Heat Conduction: Uf= 3,1 W/ (m2K)