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December 19, 2018
December 19, 2018


Roto Frank was founded in 1935 by Wilhelm Frank in Stuttgart.
Wilhelm Frank, the inventor of the First Tilt & Turn System, has made Roto an international company with its innovations.
Roto Frank, the world’s largest seller of tilt and turn system accessories, has 12 factories and 40 representations worldwide.
As of 2010, Roto has served in two departments.
Roof Windows with Door and Window Accessories and Solar Systems.
We can sort Roto Frank’s product portfolio as follows.

1.Door and Window Accessories
Tilt & Turn, Turn Only, Vent Sash, Inward-Outward Opening types, Sliding and Shutter Systems, Electronic Door and Window Equipments

2.Roof Windows and Solar Technology
Roof Windows and Stairs, Solar Systems
Glass Door Accessories

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