Cavus Corner ACK1
December 19, 2018
Folding Glass System
December 19, 2018

Sliding & Folding Glass System

This system, which is used in places where your space is more limited, moves only horizontally, making your spaces more attractive to you. The lower ball bearings allow the blades to move to the right and left. Moreover, it is suitable for applying all kinds of curtain as the blades are not folded inward or outward. Full-security is provided with the locks mounted on the blades. The blades pull each other in a row thanks to their custom-designed base cap.


Profile system

  • Framed system feature recovery with intermediate profile
  • Right or left parking option with non-threshold lower rail profile
  • 2 different lower rail and upper case profile options as 3- and 5-rail


  • They are adjusted so that all the accessories are not fully visible within the profiles
  • Low-maintenance and complete stainless, safe accessories
  • Internal and external locking/unlocking options
  • The new design lock allows you to choose to lock either from right or left
  • 2 different door handles such as chrome-coated stainless and aluminium
  • 2 different color options such as black and gray
  • Metal base cover standard


  • The blades are equipped with wheels, which move horizontally with 2 lower wheels each and do not require maintenance.
  • The polyamide-coated high quality bearings are used in the lower motion system.
  • Low-noise, low-wear and hot-cold resistant blade profiles.
Impermeability and Ventilation

  • 3-5 mm gap between the blades
  • The blades are completely closed thanks to the intermediate profile placed between them
  • Option to use plastic and aluminium roving between glass partitions
  • Equipped with inner and outer wool roving on the side and top profiles
  • These systems are ideal for offices and indoor areas.


  • 8 – 10 mm thick, safe and tempered glass partitions
  • The glass partitions are fixed securely on top and bottom of the blade profiles by double-sided tape and special adhesive silicone.

Color Choice

  • 4 different color options including anodized, white, wood pattern and pres
  • Optional to paint it in all RAL colors