HKS Parallel Sliding
December 19, 2018
Lock Systems
December 19, 2018


  • For windows and doors manufactured from wood, PVC and aluminium
  • Ideal for large parts
  • Blade weight up to 400 kg
  • Max. Blade height up to 3300 mm
  • Max. Blade weight up to 3235 mm
  • High heat-insulated base threshold

The equipment systems with a practical ventilation range system, which is produced to use in wood, PVC and aluminium window blades, lift and slide the blades up to 400 kg.The motion mechanism is equipped with cleaner brushes.Non-barrier model slide rails are available on request:
Lift-sliding doors allow to enter plenty of light to the house, create harmonious exterior and provide an unhindered transition between outside and inside, high comfort of use and high stability.

It is an ideal base threshold for sliding parts made of wood or PVC.The base threshold also provides the highest isothermal flow in the fixed part next to the sliding blade.

With the highest Uf values:
1.29 W/m²K (fixed blade) and 1.43 W/m²K (sliding blade) do not create transpiration water (up to -15°C ambient temperature).The material composite consisting of a material of wood-PVC composite provides a small amount of length expansion and ensures the part to function properly in case of temperature changes.